Custom - BYO Drinkware

Custom - BYO Drinkware

Show off your one-of-a-kind personality with Custom Apparel & Drinkware and let your true self shine through!


These listings do not include custom design service.

Do NOT purchase digital files. 

I will have to purchase the design for your order and will not be able to use files you have purchased already. 

If you choose to design something, files must be PNG with transparent background. If someone you know designs something for you, the artist will need to email me the file and permission to produce end product with their art.

Want to design for yourself? Check out for open source graphics and fonts. Be sure to save the file with transparent background or email me the share link. 

No Trademark or Copyright phrases or imagery accepted. If you are unsure if your requested design contains infringement, please email  ordering. 

How to build your order:
-This page functions as a "build your own" bundling feature, allowing you full control in the ordering process

[you can use the magnifying tool to expand photos for easier viewing but clicking on any of the individual pieces will cause us both much confusion. If you find yourself anywhere but here, you are unfortunately lost]

-Use "Add to Bundle" through each section until the website prompts you to "Add to Cart"

-Each item will need to be built as it's own bundle
[if you want multiple of the exact same item, you can increase the quantity in the cart to save time]

Please be aware that suppliers are experiencing sporadic inventory gaps. Should the color you selected be unavailable, you will be contacted via email to select another color. Your order will be stalled until an alternative color has been selected. 

Please wait for a few seconds on the checkout page so the products can be loaded into your cart.